@sir Maybe make the margin on the TLD-specific <hr> a bit bigger?

@kick there's no hr here. Do you mean the border under the heading?

@sir Oh, shoot, I meant the line under .aero. Is that not an hr? Whatever it is.

@kick ah yeah that's just how headings on .event-list .events work on sourcehut. It's the same for the headings on the contacts above

@sir I think it's mostly that .aero and b20968c6-8b99-42a0-8d80-da35eb4d945c are centered differently, which is just an issue with how web rendering of things with different line-heights works, I think.

@kick ah, gotcha. I'll see what I can do about that

@sir Or, I guess, b20968c6-8b99-42a0-8d80-da35eb4d945c is centered, while .aero isn't because the web is really bad at handling text.

@m_eiman if you don't like that you'll have to take it up with the rest of sr.ht

@sir Should have the domain marked clearly. Without it it took (relatively) a while to figure out that the contacts were for a specific domain where there were two columns of contacts. Could also rename "Default" to "Common" or similar as I presume these will be made by the user to use across domains and not "defaults" that aren't per-user.

@sir Ah, then what's the purpose of the default contacts on the right? If all the contacts are in the bit on the left?

@OTheB those are the defaults used for new domains, or for domains which don't set specific contacts explicitly

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