@sir I think the contact names and other block titles could have both font-size and font-weight bigger.

"[ in use ]" seems to lack contrast.

Also: why does "[ Delete » ]" look like the primary action?

Here's a small intro to what needs to be considered when designing buttons:

@emilis the reason the delete button is red is because the language of sourcehut design makes dangerous buttons red across the site. I agree that it makes this page a bit more confusing, I'll think about it some more.

@emilis I'm moving the delete stuff into the edit page thanks to your suggestion, cheers

I consider 'edit' and 'delete' to be two different options. If both options are with the same hamburger menu for example, it would make sense.
However it would take much longer for me to figure out where the delete button is without prior info. Pls don't make it too simple
@sir @emilis Dangerous == red is popular, but it's also a signal color that draws attention. Consider trying "toned down" for dangerous operations, as in "you don't see them unless you look out for them".

@patrick @sir There is also this technique of making a delete undo-able, so the action becomes less dangerous.

@patrick @emilis I often use a two step flow, where the delete button on page 1 is normal, but page 2 is dedicated to confirming the procedure and the button which does the thing is red.

I don't like undo-able deletes, when I delete something I want it gone

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