Reposting some old comments on UEFI, since I got riled up about it again:

UEFI is perhaps the single most egregious pile of garbage ever concieved by humans. I don't think it's possible to overstate how awful it truly is.

Here's how BIOS works: basically, the computer loads the first 512 bytes of disk into memory and jumps to it. The OS takes over from there and does whatever it needs to, like bootstrapping stage 2 and loading the kernel from the filesystem. The spec[0] is 46 pages long and you are granted the rights to reproduce, distribute, and implement it free of charge.

Want to know how UEFI works? The spec[1] is a 2,899 page PDF which you have to pay to use in any way, including writing an implementation.

Every copy of this specification should be found and burned. The ashes should be buried deep in a dark place and the earth above salted.



@sir my fav thing about UEFI is sometimes it can run out of storage space. And then any attempt to change settings, including bootloader ones, silently fails until you reset the NVRAM.

@sir Do you have to pay?

> A license to distribute, additionally reproduce, implement or otherwise use (other than to read only) the UEFI Specifications can be obtained by executing and returning the UEFI Adopter Membership Agreement (free membership). You may send your completed UEFI Adopter Membership Agreement to UEFI Administration at

Like, it's a license, and that's stupid in itself, but it doesn't seem to be a license that costs anything.

@kick @ignaloidas I think this has changed since I first wrote this rant

@sir @ignaloidas Ah, I see.

Really wish everyone would go back to BIOS (or something better) anyway; UEFI is hand-made to make things inconvenient.
@kick @sir Doesn't change that they (according to that agreement) can decide whether to take you in, and can kick you out with 30 days notice. I do firmware, but all UEFI stuff I do has the equivalent seriousness to shit-posting (e.g. booting Windows 10 with coreboot), because relying on it means making my work contingent on some opaque organization not messing with me.

@sir Once upon a time there was OpenFirmware that happened to suck less, but like any other good enough technology, failed miserably.

@sir I still have never managed to install Linux on a machine with UEFI without screwing something up.

Yet,i think you use uefi.
I thought that i am only guy who hated uefi until now. Thanks for info btw. I didn't know that specs had price .

@bjarnestroustrup I only use UEFI when i'm forced to, mainly I still use BIOSA

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