@sir I wonder if they'll make Chrome support AMP only

@nekojanai @sir
In the distant future of 2025 there is no WWW. Giant mega corps have their own walled-garden internets.

@Holot @nekojanai @sir And you have to individually subscribe to each and every one of them. may our future mega corp over lords have mercy.

@nekojanai @sir @nekojanai
Could create a cyberpunk setting around that. Have a mesh-net that criminals and "rebels" use, but the mega corps constantly try to shut down by any means necessary.

@Holot @sir @nekojanai who knows, might become a reality in a few decades.

@nekojanai @nekojanai Look at places like India where Facebook is pretty much the internet. Look at how people in Western countries are being played like a fiddle to do what these mega corps want, by playing into politics.

Most people don't ever seem to stop and think about how the internet is being controlled. Many that do somewhat see it think it's a good thing (because their political opponents are being silence by it).

Maybe I'm just pessimistic.

@Holot @nekojanai like WeChat in china. Yeah I don't see that getting better aswell... sadly.

@nekojanai @nekojanai Australian politicians have been using WeChat to talk to our Chineese citizens. It baffles me that they're allowed to.

@Holot @nekojanai give it some time and we'll all be using WeChat or some surrogate that routes through their servers, I can see them becoming the new dominant superpower in a few years.

@nekojanai @nekojanai An interesting thing with China that I've heard is that their economy is "fake". Like, everyone sees potential to earn heaps of money from China, so they all invest in China and the investment gives them the money.
So if everyone just stopped investing, China would basically fall over.

@Holot@cmpwn.com @nekojanai@pl.neko.bar yeah, nah, the conglomerate I work for is heavily investing in china and I don't see that dying down any time soon.

@nekojanai @nekojanai Yeah, I doubt people will actually stop investing/working with China. It's just interesting to me that we seem to be digging our own grave.

AMP really is awful. I hope it's the next thing that Google kills.

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