@sir where should i report typos next time?


@sir hm, i thought it should read often-heard. sorry for the bother

@tho no worries, it's an old language with lots of flaws

@sir If you found a piece of software that you needed but was missing from your OS's package repos (and was obscure enough that lots of other people weren't likely to use it), would it be better to manually install to /usr/local or write your own package manager file for it (eg APKBUILD)? Would it be the same for a standalone program vs say a python package on PyPi?

@superluser write a package for it, send it upstream. Even if there are few users it would still make sense for most distros to have it. If not, run a third-party package repo. There are many situations in which running a third party package repo is appropriate anyway

i agree that distros should distribute the software to end users and am not huge on these not-so-universal packaging formats, but i don't agree that the status quo is OK either. The distro ecosystem, as a whole, has not dealt with the underlying issues and that's why these things are being created (sometimes by the distro itself as a hack, IMHO) and devs are using them.
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