@sir I've been staring at this for a minute insanely impressed/excited/dying-of-anticipation.
@sir Sway supports getting rid of window borders, doesn't it?
@sir I wonder, what does file-uploading look like? Like if you wanted to upload an image or something.
@sir Tiling WM + Drag 'n Drop seems like a good combo on a phone, but in practice knowing the Linux file managers that currently exist, I feel like it might work less than ideally in practice.

@sir Tiling WM feel the right choice for a very space contrained environment like a smartphone.

But how to make it usable ? Tiling WM are really reliant on hotkeys/keyboard which is the worst on tactile devices.

@lord sway has some touch stuff and may grow more. A little bit of custom waybar config goes a long way, though

@sir What is the name of the swaybar on the top ? Is it the default bar ?

I'll definetly install this pmOS 🙃 Maybe I'll keep a dumbphone in case. Anyway, who use smartphones to make calls ?

@sir this feels like it's going to need a stylus.

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