@sir I am from a Caribbean island. This is great news! I have been looking forward to some Pine products for some time. A relative was in the USA for a few weeks and I was trying to have them source some Pine laptops. Pine Pro had popped up by then. They were unable to. Ⳬ Well, I may add a Pine phone to my wishlist! Keep the news coming, @sir!

@sir I appreciate that you wrote specs in metrics!

@sir I should write my review of using it as a daily driver for 3 days. 😄

@sir audio part not yet no. But my daily driver usecase did not include the calls,

Background: I lost my primary phone during travel and in 1 day my backup phone also died. So was forced to use Pinephone,

I used it to successfully navigate in Germany public transport using ktrip app, check-in in airlines, trains and hotel using itinerary, some light weight web browsing and telegram messanger.

@sir but speaking of, I have some more ideas on audio parts and will attempt them during next week, I am bit less productive due to travel at moment though

@bshah nice, looking forward to hearing how it goes

@sir @bshah Yeah, please toot about that experience, and when you get calls working! I'm very excited to see all of this actually happening!

@sir TIL this phone exists. But now I'm curious as to why are people seriously making their own userspace from scratch instead of just running AOSP on top of Linux, with zero blobs still but with a huge preexisting app ecosystem. After all, a smartphone without apps is about as good as a dumb phone in terms of its capabilities.

@sir IMO using AOSP as a base for a custom OS built to your liking would be a huge head start.

Or maybe it's that I'm too obsessed with things that "just work" 😂

@grishka if we wanted android we could buy any of 500+ other phones

@sir yeah but those have proprietary blobs in their firmwares, while this one is completely open-source. Even including the GPU driver as far as I can see, which is rare and amazing. Isn't this open-source-ness the main point to it?

@grishka @sir You can run the normal software you could on a computer already. GNOME has even been making efforts to make all their software change layouts when resized to phone sizes (everywhere, computer and phone).

@sir I got sick while I tried to red with that gif in background (video can be stopped at least)

@sir wait, it *is* a video and I could stop it (although controls are missing). I meant "in the background of my vision", idk how to express it.

@sir dam I wish I was as smart as you with this kind of stuff I would love to have a linux phone one day but sadly banking apps will probably be a pain to get working

@sir Very interesting read. Could you perhaps specify what do you mean by battery lasting about 5 hours? Is it with screen turned off or with moderate usage with around 2 hours screen-on time?

@pomegranatejuice it would not be reasonable for me to speculate on power at this point. I have several known power sinks which I haven't addressed but know are addressable.

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