@sir signal is hilarious in that it is a centralized system with all the problems of a decentralized system.

Take groups for example. Theres no comsensus as to who is in a group. They are basically maintained as account local mailing lists. I cannot count how many times this has broken when an old client rejoins the network.

Furthermore, no consent is needed to throw someone into a group. Youd think an anarchist wouldnt make that mistake but lol whatever. Stickerpacks!!!!!!!

@fred @sir
> one has to consider that its successor HTTP/2.0
you mean Google's protocol SPDY that was for some reason renamed HTTP despite being completely incompatible and functioning entirely differently and was also made for in-house use by a megacorp and fails to have things like an upgrade mechanism (like HTTP 1.0/1.1 has, and in fact http2 uses to activate itself) which was then botched by browsers wanting to mandate TLS which further complicates debugging on top of all that. 🆗

@sir I would like this "nomadic identities" thing here in Mastodon, specially if it could announce migrations to your followers.


someone in the peertube comments mentioned how ironic it is that this talk can only be viewed on a federated platform. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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