Big picture, in the next decade, I would like to see:

1. Federated free software services become the dominant platform for social media and messaging.

2. A more privacy-oriented and cryptographically-literate public, and simple, standard free software tools anyone can leverage for this purpose.

3. Open hardware, especially RISC-V, becoming the dominant approach for new hardware development.

4. Recapturing the mobile market from proprietary walled gardens, instead favoring models which put the user in control of their devices (e.g. pmOS).

5. Average (read: non-SV CEO) technologists becoming more politically engaged, including running for and winning offices, and using political will to reinforce the above and start making a difference outside of tech

I think most importantly, I want to see the internet transition from a network of a few corporate giants to a network of thousands of small, well-connected organizations. Rather than sustainability via multibillion dollar corporation budgets, sustainablity via grassroots user-funded sources and low operational expenses. Cooperation over competition.

My predictions:
1) won't
2) will
3) will
4) won't
5) will
Nevertheless hoping that all 5 happen 🥳

@sir Ad 1: yeah, that would be great, but probably it would be Twitter with their own protocol, as they announced in middle December :v
@naruciakk @sir they said they would at least consider AP for better or wose
@314 @sir Yeah‚ but unfortunately I'm afraid that XKCD 927 would be very prophetic here. And yeah, we can say that different fediverse made by Twitter would be better than closed-protocol Twitter, but if that would be something blockchainy-shitty, that wouldn't be a huge upgrade. Nontheless however, Twitter using W3C made protocol for all their stuff would be pretty amazing and a huge step in making social media less shitty. The next big step would be IM reform, e.g. if a huge IM system, say Telegram for example, transformed their protocol into some kind of the next XMPP.
1. In february (mostly conservative users, but I heard they ban nazis, I think they have more active users than gab) will probably launch activitypub support so fediverse might look a bit like it was when gab was relaunching as a mastodon fork

Fully agreed, @sir!

I guess it'll depend, numerically, on the free software and privacy-oriented struggles in India and China, two countries with more than 1 billion 400 million citizens, but where "Big Brother" is already a publicly noticeable daily reality.

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