Just to be explicit, if you skipped over that link when it crossed your feed, you need to go back and click it right now. Here it is again:

@sir The sentiment is good, but so many of the details are wrong it hurts. With his document example, selecting two at a time would prevent the software from deleting both documents. And with his OS kernel example, there have been a bunch of kernels in the past 25 years! None of them have really seen much popularity, but they're there.

Outside of the few errors though it's a pretty great manifesto.

Excellent read and certainly addresses a lot of concerns.

cc @don_gato

mini rant, swearing 

mini rant, swearing 

A couple of years ago this guy wrote some excellent stuff about Clojure programming, but what he's doing now, it's just... counterproductive.

@VikingKong I disagree with every amount of sincerity and emphasis I can muster


have you got a tl;dr of your counter-criticisms?

(I was tempted to just write "I am interested in your theory and would like to subscribe to your newsletter" but I'm feeling good enough today to keep the snark somewhat in check.)



just like the article says, i still use my dos accounting app in 2020 :)

@sir No proposed solutions though.
IMO impossible unless metrics for complexity are defined for the project or you have a PM not overly budget constrained.

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