Someone write me a bot which posts this link hourly until the complexity epidemic is over

Then all software developers see nothing but this until they fix their fucking shit

@sir Ok, let me just grab a dozen js frameworks with npm, spin a couple docker containers, and I will write your bot.

@sir It's not as much the developers as the managers to blame, mercilessly throwing the developers around from task to task, as if building quality software were as quick as hammering nails.

I do agree that it takes a great deal of discipline. But the software development methodologies just get routinely misinterpreted, to the point where they actually might be used to justify anything.

@sir on it


*npm install twitter-bot-boilerplate twitter-sdk masto-sdk twitter-masto-glue glue-pot*


>until the complexity epidemic is over
@sir Good luck. Seriously. :(

> write me a bot
use cron :blobtongue: edit to include a token and enjoy

@toast bonus points for choosing a solution based on unix primitives

more points would have been awarded for using plan 9's webfs instead of curl

@sir Can it be a pleroma patch?

We already have a cron-like lib and posting can be done in two function calls (get user, post).

@lanodan Pleorma is the Katamari Damacy of fediverse applications

@lanodan a Katamari is a sphere, with smaller bits inside and larger bits outside. There is organization in a Katamari

@sir Still not really sure what you mean for pleroma then…
Seen the game few times but that's it, wikipedia pages doesn't seems to help.

@lanodan more features are simply added to the ball

@lanodan yes because social networking websites should be designed like general purpose operating systems


@sir Oh no not that, that's too much Web-like.
Software should be composable by it's simplicity, and Unix (and it's lower parts) is great at that.
@sir @lanodan ah yes an operating system

> TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world.

which is to say, a network application, but words don't mean anything anyway

@lanodan @sir "software is too complex, let's add hourly reminders"

"we made an activitypub server infinitely pluggable and we have reimplemented cron in it - just spin up a new server and write a bot with this job scheduling extension"


@sir That seems like a great goal for System E (my own future digital ecosystem)

@sir when we design better tools that make programmers lives easier, the complexity grows to take over the improvement and soak up the time; the result is we always work with stuff that's just beyond what we can cope with - often for not much benefit. Add a new safer programming language? A new CI system? Better large project tools - great they'll free time up so we can add more features.

I need a bot to auto-boost @sir 's posts about this link.

@sir Excellent post, thanks. "The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry." --Henry Petroski

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