On my movie queue. Thanks for the tip about when starts the good part...

@sir I enjoy following Blow. He is a smart and vocal person backed by two hugely well written and polished game projects which indicate that he's not talking out of his ass.

He's working on a programming language of his own these days, jai. There's a bunch of programming streams on his Twitch which can be a good watch.

@sir Also, if you haven't played The Witness, it's quite an experience. Such a basic concept taken to such great heights. Really enjoyable.

@sir An excellent talk, for sure.

I don't agree with everything that Jon says (for example, I think that LSP is useful), but I can get where he's coming from and he makes some excellent arguments.

@sir yes, it impressed me a lot the first time I saw it ! Must have watched it 3 or 4 times since

@sir I love how I've thought and found solutions for everything in this video but I'm also part of the problem and I'm too unproductive

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