@sir would you run it as a regular desktop? Just wondering because I recently grabbed a copy and began tinkering. So far apk seems like a beautiful piece of software.

@herag yes, if you're willing to package the software you need (you ought to be anyway)

@sir oh I can do that. I have done it for years with Slackware. But honestly I don't need much. My target netbook is just for writing. I don't even really need internet to be honest.

I installed Alpine 'sys'. So does that mean I don't have to worry about clearing my ram at reboot? That is honestly the only thing I'm worried about. I know they have a caching tool, but I was hoping the sys option would allow things to simply be saved.

@herag the sys option installs it normally like any other distro, your data is persistent. I also recommend setting up a package cache

@sir oh fantastic! This may finally be my key to freedom... I just love that they don't preinstall weird stuff. I feel like I'm in complete control of my system... Which means it may be my new system for my local home servers.

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