> interactive POSIX shell based on mrsh
> git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/imrsh

Sounds very cool!

> Goals … Intelligent completion generated from man pages…Fuzzy, interactive tab completion

Do you have a particular format picked out for completion scripts? Bash completion scripts are … painful, but I'm not sure we need yet another syntax.

Any interest in the Shellac format? It seems like they're trying to get a spec together, which would be nice.


@sir after seeing your post about mrsh I was thinking of trying to write my own shell again but it looks like I won't have to since this checks all the boxes for me. Thanks!

@sir Does or will (i)mrsh have a way to customize the prompt in any way?

@sir For some reason I need to run `reset` after exiting from imrsh. Otherwise I don't see the cursor afterwards

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