If I sold hard copies of the Wayland book, would you buy them and at what price point?

Idea: if you already bought the digital book, maybe that amount is deducted from your price for the physical book

@sir Yes. @ <= 40 USD. Non-gouging foreign shipping preferred.

@sir Already bought the digital copy.

I don't think I would buy it again for a physical copy, although I would like to have a physical copy.

Me too. Bought the digital copy already, which is good enough for me.

@sir I'd buy a physical copy (I *never* read my ebooks…), for 20-40$ (provided international shipping is not too high though, don't want to spend more than about 50$ on a book).

@sir Personally, no. For tech subjects I prefer digital copies where I can search and navigate quickly.

@sir that's not a bad idea, but do you think any publishing company will ever do this?

@sir In fact, having the physical copy + having access to the digital for updated version would be the best.

That might be asking for too much though.

@sir I guess ~20 € as I guess it's going to be quite the book? Not much familiar with book prices but would be neat to have a hardcopy to be able to write&test a compositor on one machine while reading it.

@sir If the book(didnt take a look) contains arguments to bash X11 users I will surely do.

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