Imagine not putting stickers on your ThinkPad

@Wolf480pl @sir I don't. I even clean it down monthly because I don't ever want the rubber-like coating to start flaking off.

ThinkPads are naturally beautiful you imbeciles

@quad @sir
but but where do you put stickers on if not on a thinkpad? All other laptops have curvy chassis, only thinkpad has flat one.

@Wolf480pl @sir On the bag carrying my ThinkPad actually. Though I don't have a lot of stickers

@quad @sir
it's curvy though, and also flexible. Aren't they gonna tear or unstick when the backpack flexes too much?

@Wolf480pl @sir These two have been on there for about a year now I believe, and at least 2-3 flights, so not really.

Also had a Citrix sticker that I put on for lolz after I got it at an Atea course, but pulled it off after people started thinking I unironically like Citrix products


> Imagine not putting stickers on your ThinkPad

I'm typing this toot from a ThinkPad with exactly 0 stickers!

@codesections @sir how could you! I had to replace my thinkpad after the second layer of stickers, sadly... *cries*

@sir I’m in the “one tasteful sticker” camp personally

@sir I don't have to, I can just look at all my Thinkpads, they are all stickerless
@sir I don't do it. In fact, I purged Intel-Aviv and Binbows® 7 one.

@sir Don't need to imagine 😀

I had 10 years and I failed to apply a single one. I fail at stickers.

No! Sorry, thinkpad without stickers won't work. We would all look equal than. I'am usually using my Laptops for 5 years thats enough for at least three solid layers of stickers. And a unique machine.

@sir i simply have not the funds to afford cool stickers

@sir I am not putting stickers on my Thinkpad. However it is full of my fingerprints I regularly have to wipe :/

None of my family have stickers on our ThinkPads. We make pride flags with colored duct tape. This is my daughter's pan pride T440

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