It has come to our attention that your software, <insert software here>, uses a custom allocator.
You should know that there is no software design which calls for a custom allocator, including <insert software here>.
Please stop using custom allocators.

@sir do talloc, jemalloc, etc. count as custom allocators when used as a library?

@sir so this is why sway leaks memory :^)
@sir there are definitely some applications where using a different allocator leads to performance gains

@sir I can't tell if this is making fun of something or being serious. I'm gonna go with this being in jest, since otherwise would be to assert that there is a "one true allocator", which can't be true since all software is terrible.

@sir it doesn't help that writing a custom allocator is one of the earliest exercises in the white bible.

Strangely it went along the lines of "here's variables, here's printf, here's pointers. Now write an allocator/deallocator"

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