@sir There's always web bluetooth, for that person that though being able to control Bluetooth and USB devices from your web browser was a good idea.

@sir true, but which wireless technology doesn't suck? Or at least less than Bluetooth? 🙃

@sir @RyuKurisu

Actually, RF sucks. The way it propagates, bouncing off walls and all that stuff, is insane. And when you try to adjust an antenna, it never gets good reception unless you stand directly in front of it, because somehow a human body is a necessary part of an antenna.

@Wolf480pl @sir @RyuKurisu generally EM is really poorly implemented.

I asked why and they were all like "it's because probability density is proportional to |Φ|^2 and that's independent on multiplication with exp(iα(x)), and you need this vector potential A to get that"* what academically navelstaring, user-unfriendly nonsense!

@Wolf480pl @sir @RyuKurisu * can actually derive Quantum Electro Dynamics that way.

Btw, god just responded exasperated, "If you think you can do better, you try!" But he was right, so i declined.

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