Response to people who are moving to Slack or Discord over IRC

@sir @succfemboi So we should stop migrating to IPv6 because its not IPv4?

@sir @succfemboi But its on the same level as your argumentation skills.

@nifker @sir but if IRC theoretically isn't an option, would you consider it? Or what else would you use for real-time chat?
@succfemboi @sir wait is there a discord/slack clone that doesn't suck out now
@sir @succfemboi idk i wanna have a chat option that's both "free and open source" AND "has some semblance of privacy involved"

@sir I am curious what you love about irc vs something like rocket chat or another open source chat.

Also is it me or is every joke now days starting to contain the word autistic.

@sir I SUFFER from slack and its intrinsic management order distribution system with limited memory

@rigo @sir I also still lurk on irc under screen which I have running on some server somewhere. I check my messages periodically.

True, but Discord has things IRC doesn't and thus can be applied to other use cases...

@dheadshot your face can be applied to other use-cases, too


> Response to people who are moving to Slack or Discord over IRC [image of xkcd 743]

The problem with argument-by-xkcd is that it works both ways:

@codesections I am proud of the guy in the last panel though

@codesections @sir The problem there is that one is clearly a joke at how nice IRC is and how well it extends

The other is a joke about the dangers of software lock-in
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