What is your favorite base

Answer in that base

Mine is 10

@sir the base of product space… IDK how to say it in the base itself…

@ignaloidas this answer will only be accepted if your favorite base is base 1

@sir I have no idea how to write sexagesimal but I'm guessing it's base 10

@sir my favourite base is your base. Which is all belong to us btw.

@sir 10 (otherwise known as "heximal"), because it is objectively the best, combining the very comfortable fractional values in base 20 (dozenal), whilst avoiding a lot of the horribly problematic fractions base 20 has, such as 1/5 (written as "0.2497 recurring") which in base 10 is the much nicer 0.1 recurring, allowing arithmetic to still be done relatively easily.

Base 10 also has this very nice pattern in prime numbers:

2 3 5 11 15 21 25 31 35...

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