ICANN is going after .com price hikes now




@kick @sir sounds like they are losing money and expected to for some years with the increased popularity of other domains like .io etc. And I'm assuming to combat inflation. The fact they limited the price increase to 6 year period is nice. But overall it still sucks its going up and will for the foreseeable future.

@sir Given how storage and networking power has gotten so much cheaper, they're providing even less in terms of real value than ever before. Shoot the rent-seekers when?

@sir Heel-face turn since Verisign did the scummy "What if we make every single failed query resolve to a search engine?" thing in 2003 and ICANN threatened to take .com away from them v. now where they're collaborating and profiting off of Verisign's lack of morals.

@kick my email to their public comments list was significantly less cordial than for .org heist

@sir Speaking of the .org racketeering, did you read Ethos Capital's Chief Crook's defense of doing it where she basically called every single person critical of Ethos a liar, that they tooooootally weren't doing the things they were doing out of self-interest, and that taking away .org from the Internet Society & Ethos was unfair regardless because it "would strip" them "of a $1.1 billion asset" without a hint of how self-contradictory her statements were?
@sir (Bonus: Without calling them by name, she notes that Verisign used to run .org as a _positive_ thing, while not acknowledging that it was taken away from them _for a reason._)

@kick this article can be debunked in two easy steps:

"Ethos has committed to limiting any potential increase in the price of a .ORG domain registration to no more than 10% per year on average"

The US inflation rate fluctuates between 1.7% and 2.3%.

Bonus: 10% price increases would double the price in 8 years, triple it in 12, and continue exponentially to basically any price they want.

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