Idea: NFC receipts as an alternative to paper receipts

I don't want to give you my email address, but you encode the receipt data onto an NFC pad I can tap my phone to, we can save paper without giving you that oh-so-tasty data

@sir Can also provide a QR code or similar for any devices that don't have an NFC chip.

@OTheB @sir important: the QR code needs to encode the receipt itself, not a link to it

@moonbolt @sir Absolutely. Main issue to target is if the QR codes get too big on large shopping trips. Data would need to be compressed as much as possible (using an open compression algorithm obviously) otherwise you end up with the same problem Matrix is currently having where verification using the new QR codes is really temperamental because the codes are huge.

@OTheB @sir A little screen displaying a qrcode but … will it have a smaller environmental impact ?

@lord @sir Why not use one of the existing screens? There's one pointing at the cashier, one on the card reader, self-checouts have huge screens. The possibilities are endless.

@OTheB @sir In my local shop there are screens in the self-checkouts but not the classic ones (execpt for the cashier).

@sir Even better if there would be some kind of standard to do so, so I can later upload the receipt data into my accounting software.

@sir I believe that the main reason for asking your email to gather emails. 'Receipt' always felt like an excuse.
This is so shady it feels like one of those "boost your business 101 techniques"

@sir While more cumbersome, Bluetooth and Direct Wi-Fi should be also options (and maybe we can use the QR code to connect the phone to the receipt device via either of those two)

@sir Actual result: NFC pads that trigger your phone to download their app.

Businesses ruin everything.

@sir idea: no receipts
pay with your card, have the transaction include the receipt
or have them get your email for that card from the bank, and email the receipt, optionally have an email per card xD

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