I claimed earlier that you could implement git with shell scripts inside of an afternoon

So, uh, let's do it

This sounds like a good idea until you realize what git's index format is like

Reading the git index in a POSIX shell script

This was a good idea, right

@sir could you roll your own? Or are you trying to be binary-compatible with git?

@Wolf480pl trying to be compatible with git enough so that you can switch between implementations at any point and the repo/commands will still work as intended

@Wolf480pl not trying to be 1:1 compatible with the CLI API for plumbing binaries

@sir good if you like to torture yourself i guess

@sir What's your opinion on Fossil, if you've taken a look at it?
@sir I wrote a C implementation of this. It's a bad format.
@sir I wrote a good bit of a reimplementation of git, internally its terrible.
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