You're looking at a website describing some new tech which solves some problem

They're really excited about this project. A little bit too excited.

An uneasy feeling start to gnaw in the back of your head as you read on.

You scroll down. There it is.


*close tab*

@sir My favorite thing is when they solve solved problems but stick a blockchain in just so they can get that buzzword hype VC money. "We did email but this time it takes 10x the compute and there's an ICO for some reason"

@sir Whoops.

That's practically two in a row, guess I gotta block you... 😂

@sir I'm starting a new service called CoinBlock. Its whole purpose is to prevent crypto transactions.

It is decentralized, and cross-platform. It runs in webassembly on mobile devices and web browsers. When it detects a transaction on a node, it will DDOS the node so it can't advertise to anyone else. Also, its proprietary for security reasons. We promise not to mine with it, it needs all the crypto libs so it can detect transactions...

Let's revolutionize the internet!

@sir Also, its very secure, we have built-in crypto-secure platform code, signed by a new signature algorithm, that uses military-grade encryption and end-to-server ciphers 3 times more advanced than the Data Encryption Standard.

@sir I wish what you described wasn't the exact scripted experience I always get on one of these websites.

@sir a lot of excitement for what is essentially just a linked list, literally the very first datastructures in most CS classes.

You scroll down. There it is.

"Enter, <project name>"

You close the page.
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