@sir does it use non-free software to do that?

@sir awesome. What kind of microcontroller does it use?

@Wolf480pl oh, I'm not sure. The software PC-side is free, the telescope-side software I don't know. It works like a serial port

@sir @Wolf480pl Wow, so you can see into the future with it? (the past is too easy with a telescope ^^)

That is just so awesome. Please share some pictures you make with it.
Assuming you do make pictures.

@sir whoa that looks awesome. Didn't you have a blog with pictures posted at one point?

@sir eh guess I'm confusing you with someone else..oh well lol

@sir are you sleeping on the floor without sheets

@sir nice telescope tho
big boi star looker

@pounce I sleep on a japanese-style futon, which is on the floor, and I just use a blanket

I like it cold

@sir hey so u seem like you'd know an answer to this
my girlfriend wants a kotatsu do you know how to smuggle them into the US
do you have any

@pounce I haven't tried. You can probably just have one shipped over.

@sir ya i think i saw some but they were expensive
we were thinking about doing it with a kotatsu heater and ikea furniture but that sounds dangerous

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