@sir We have 3 XPS in company and no issues. Guess we're super lucky.

@sir But one is exchanged, first one didn't work at all. So 3 of 4 are ok.

@Mac_CZ let me guess: they're all running the stock ubuntu and have never had to be reinstalled

@sir 2 run windows and one runs openSUSE. openSUSE one was obviously reinstalled and 1 windows one was also reinstalled, because we didn't want all the bloat.

@Mac_CZ if you didn't want all of the bloat then why did you put windows on it again XD

@Mac_CZ @sir We have 4 XPS and 3 of them are broken:

- Broken trackpad
- Had to replace battery
- SSD died
- CPU sometimes locked at 800 MHz which requires a BIOS reset

... and, unfortunately, they're still the best option for a modern Linux dev laptop

@sir Got a new HP laptop at work last week.

It can barely connect to the ethernet and when I dock it the ethernet connection is literally unuseable due to some driver magic.

@sir avoiding binary blobs and "proprietory" suppose choices are limited.

I am pretty happy with my laptops. Got all features, well, not sure if they got all the power saving features and battery down. (maybe i should use powertop...)

Use a Lenovo Legion Y520, usually with power, think maybe 4h? That's ok but not super-great.

Also got a much smaller ASUS Vivobook E200HA, it's sound didn't work for a long time, and I used an USB dongle but then suddenly an update fixed it. >8h battery.

@sir been tempted to buy a small Pine64. But if anything, it's too cheap.. I'd rather pay more for more storage

ARM can be good for lower power use? And 5V so can powerbank it.

Hear it Infact thought of trying to combine it with solar and see if it can run on solar. Looks up video, immediately run into guy doing it.. youtube.com/watch?v=tJOc2ZbRB_ do wonder what "the sun" usage pattern for charging does to the battery tho.

@sir I suppose buying that ASUS(which markets it's laptops as for windows)/Lenovo laptops is not helpful for reducing binary blobs/proprietory.

@sir my company just ordered a #Thinkpad T490s for me. It looks promising, but I didn't put my hands on it yet.

@ilpianista @sir we've seen broken trackpads with that model at work (it is inconsistent even with the same SKU), and Intel GPU issues with kernel 5.4.

Hardware seems fine for now though. Knock on wood.

@sir I have a HP ProBook 430 G4. In order to replace the battery, you need to take the entire thing apart. The battery is the last thing you can take out.

@sir Part of this is the Tyranny of the Minimum Viable User: old.reddit.com/r/dredmorbius/c

Though with the growing transition to mobile-only, the MVU should *also* shift, and laptops, I *hope*, will become again a niche / power-user market, as they were ~ 1995 - 2005 or thereabouts.

The remaining problems are software (also going full MVU and app-centric), browsers (don't get me started), hardware/drivers, and binary blobs.

But yes, I hear you loudly.

@sir You mention modern machines like the XPS, the ones of System 76... how about modern Lenovo ThinkPads? I understand they're not as good as the old ones, but the relatively insane performance made me switch to a T480 a year back. And it has been great!

@sir you can get the t5x0 series still and you can get them with just Intel graphics; there t580 I'm using does a decent life on battery - but then it's got 2 batteries. It's cooling/throttling sucks, but works with some prodding.

@sir I'm still on an x200 and also need to switch for battery reasons (and to be able to edit photos with a slightly better screen).

The market really sucks at the moment. Ordered an AMD Thinkpad, we'll see how it goes. So far not so good - there's been a massive wait time on my order!

@sir It's a lousy solution to your problem, but have you considered getting one or more powerbanks that can output voltage sufficient for a laptop? You'll find a few if you look around.

I agree the state of modern laptops is sad.

@sir x220 is a good bet. Plays 1080p without a problem, after switching wifi card to atheros it runs on libre-kernel perfectly. Also with extended battery I get 8-10 hours of work on it.

@sir ofc this one requires some soldering and fun time to get coreboot working.

@sir I'm starting to wonder if I we should just decompose a laptop and just get a working *tablet*, then add a portable keyboards like that nice Atreus from @technomancy and a travel mouse.

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