Please write a simple alternative to Grafana which can create dashboards to visualize prometheus queries thanks


Alternatively: is anyone here familiar with and enjoys working on Grafana? The SourceHut prometheus instance is publically available, feel free to point at it and see if you can make some cool dashboards.

@sir I work a lot with prometheus and grafana at work. Done a few custom exporters as well. I can take a look later this weekend. It's better to know what you want from your dashboards though. (eg: ops team will find certain dashboards useful compared to managers, etc.)

@tomleb sweet. I basically want to have someone in the community call the shots and maintain the server, and perhaps iterate on it based on feedback from users, sysadmins, and sysops. I think this is a good place to increase community ownership over sourcehut infrastructure.

@sir Just by visiting a page I get an error that says: "Warning! Detected 38.23 seconds time difference between your browser and the server. Prometheus relies on accurate time and time drift might cause unexpected query results.". But my time is alright!

@3demax just checked and your time is def not alright

@sir Oh you are right, my ntpd was down for some reason! I didn't expect clock to drift so much, though.

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