If you're not already an organ donor, consider becoming one

@sir In some countries, you are a donor by default, unless you have asked for not being one.

@amiloradovsky hm, I don't know, but you should donate blood anyway. I'm not allowed to :(

@sir @amiloradovsky donate platelets and plasma for leukemia patients instead.

@jeff @amiloradovsky I'm not allowed to donate anything in the United States. Mad Cow Disease risk

@sir @amiloradovsky what about bitcoin donations? is that a way to spread mad cow?

@sir but I like my organs. They help me digest cheeseburgera

btw. in some places, "organ donor" is used as a synonym to "person with a death wish" or "driving a motorbike way too fast"

@sir I often ask people whether they have a donor card (recording your preference you can also deny it on there, but why the hell), handing them one if they don't (you can order the german ones for free). A couple friends do it as well.
Since we failed to make organ donation opt-out (hurts that a head of my favorite party argued hard against it), this is what we have to resort to.
But hey, it can be a nice conversational tool :P

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