@sir in last years I'm really afraid whenever I see a change in the GitHub UI... whenever you think they cannot make it worst, they actually do.

@sir I've been a happy user of octobox.io for a couple years now. Similar to the old UI, but better.

@sir they're trying to catch up to how bad every Atlassian product is. To really succeed, they have to "innovate" and change something in the UI every 10 days, and add a notification balloon when you login to tell you about it.

@sir I just sent your blog post to them as feedback. You've covered exactly what's wrong with this interface. It's like they took design cues from Google Mail's Inbox and said: we can duplicate that.

No. Stop.

@sir (Also making me have to mark "Done" on notifications I've already read is just asinine)

@sir I agree with your observations, I don't like the new Notifications UI either.

@sir Huh. Weird. My coworkers and I all love the new UI. A lot. Because it behaves more like a task list now. Notifications stick around until I explicitly mark them as "done." I don't ever look at my "unread" list, I look at my "not done" list.

I find it really interesting how negative (nay, _toxic_) the criticism can get here on Mastodon, when the people I directly work with have nothing but positive feedback.

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