Writing code will introduce bugs

Therefore projects with no fixed scope will always be adding new bugs

Therefore web browsers will never be stable or secure

This is why software should have a finish line: eventually it should be "done" and work should slow as the majority of changes become bugfixes.

@sir Imagine if buildings were built in the same way we build most software.
Try building a skyscraper when the plans change every 3 months and nothing truly gets finished. sure it's rough living in the beta, but once they've got it figured out it sure is nice to just, "sudo apt install utopia-tower2"

@Holot Works poorly for skyscrapers.

Typical of cities, though.

And many low-rise buildings, especially if compounded over time. Campuses too.


@dredmorbius @sir
It pretty much always leads to problems, even with smaller buildings/towns.
@nifker @sir
I just looked it up and I assume you mean the airport?
That does seem like quite the blunder.

@sir browsers have a fixed scope, they want to replace your OS, VR Gear, smartphone, all IoT sensors, your watch and all document viewers.

@soapdog they want to replace your server, too, see Node

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