@sir how'd you feel about solvespace? I've never heard of it before but it seems pretty featureful

@sir @proto do you have any feedback on #solvespace vs #openscad ? They both have similar goals in my limited understanding

@nezhac @proto I don't think they're similar at all. I've used both, and I find them useful for different things. I used OpenSCAD when I was generating 3D models based on QR codes, programatically. I would prefer solvespace for most manual drafting work

@sir @nezhac I stopped using openscad for most aplications because it was missing a lot of key features that it seems like solvespace supports (most basic example: the promo image on the website has a fillet on it!)

It seems like solvespace uses the same sketch-and-extrude workflow that fusion 360 does? Should be fairly simple for me to switch, if so

@sir @proto After looking at the video on the solvespace homepage I see what you mean. Looks pretty great actually. I have some similar small parts I've been wanting to print, and had been recommended openscad in the past. You think solvespace is easier for prototyping these kinds of things?

@sir I drive an '05 Silverado. Performing fixes yourself is generally really satisfying, and can save lots of money assuming you have the equipment and time. Most recently I had to replace the entire front bumper assembly. Took time, but probably saved 2k, granted I was doing the fixes in my parents' driveway since my apartment doesn't have the space for stuff like this.

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