USB-C will not be the badass universal standard connector of The Future until the goddamn specs and firmware are fucking open

@sir the amount of cursed pages in the spec tho...

@wolf480pl @sir It could've been genuinely good if not for the legacy stuff

@wolf480pl @sir I mean why still master slave? Why not a bus protocol with service offerings and automatic discovery? No special roles. My phone offers a "tether" and "storage" service, my PC a "charging" service

@wolf480pl @sir Continuing down the current path will lead to people connecting their Toaster and Coffee Maker, wondering why it doesn't work

@lschuermann @wolf480pl oh, your toaster can totally be connected to your coffee maker, you just need to remove the 8 screws from the bottom of the toaster and move the jumper to from the host to the periphieral pins on the USB OTG jumpers

@sir Sometimes I still weep for the demise of FireWire.

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