Shout-out to every project which isn't on GitHub

@sir shoutout to google for making them genuinely hard to find in a lot of cases :meowdab:

I am currently in the process of moving to sourcehut, after using my own server and GitHub only for ci for about two years now.

I really like what I see so far!

@sir having noticed too much concentration around GitHub a few years ago, I moved or started some projects on Bitbucket.

Now migrating some to

Also experimented with git-ssb and dat protocol


how about #codeberg ?


and there is


Give your free project a free home.

No tracking. Your data is not for sale.

@sir Fuck GitHub really, I have to use it for a project (decision is out of my hands), and my account has been flagged twice in the last two weeks. Every time it needs 3 days for support to get back to me

@sir People always talk about how GitHub is the best place to share source code because people "search there". I've never believed this and believe it less everytime I hear it.

The only time I've ever used their search is to find a repo I already knew existed...

@jrswab @sir And usually when I'd want to search GitHub for a project, I find searching my browser history is just as good!

elementary's build server locked me into GitHub (I could contribute a fix, but I've got other proprietaries), but otherwise I've migrated all my other active projects off it by now.

I do like highlighting that I've got bigger concerns about webservices than whether or not their code is open sourced.

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