@sir I completely forgot about that brilliant docker take.

@erictapen @sir I feel like the wall display problem was SOLVED CORRECTLY, but I also feel like Docker isn't a correct solution for anything.

How can I resolve this?

source link 

Layers upon layers of unnecessary complexity and we pay for it in vulnerabilities and so on.

You just have to know which is the right stuff to glue together, right? 😀

@sir Glueing software together with docker is like having to glue two lustres. Two lustres that each look like a web of strings, attached at some points to a stretch ceiling. So you’re in fact have to glue two stretch ceilings from two different rooms together.

With the light strings on.

Imagine having construction workers, that cannot take off a lustre from the ceiling and cannot take off the ceiling itself to later stretch it at your new place and hang the lustre on it. What they decide to do instead is to saw out the upper part of your old room and move it at your new place. Of course the loaders are rough guys, so your old ceiling with the lustre has to be transported in a gyroscopic device made at NASA. “It costs you a fortune” — the workers calm you — “but this is the only way we can preserve the subtle integrity of your stuff”. You feel, that something must be wrong, but you ain’t know any better and decide to leave the reasoning to professionals.

Eventually, the workers ram the gyroscopic container into the hole made in the side of your house and proceed to dismantle the cover so as to reveal the stretch ceiling. They have finished, but now you notice that the space of your room has shrunk – on the level of your head there are metal bars protruding from the walls and despite that everything is stretched and painted well, you clearly feel like the gigantic shoe box above your head is going to collapse on your head if not this moment, then the next one, and instinctively decide to lean to the back of the sofa in the hope that its back won’t be crushed. “There’s nothing, that can be done here!” — the brigade chief is cheering you up. — “Oh, and you can’t paint or put wallpaper over the metal bars.” — “Why?” — “That’s a requirement of the gyroscopic device, that now holds your ceiling.” — “I thought you have dismantled it?! You should, didn’t you?” — “Oh?” — the brigade chief laughs worryingly — “we can’t, really. It’s the only thing that allowed us to move it here. Now it’s a part of your room, enjoy it! It’s very technical, mm.” — the chief winks and pushes you with an elbow lightly. — “But I didn’t order any shoeboxes…!” — “Oh no, you did! You did. Ri-ight here” — wide face with a greyish stub smiles heartily, as the brigade chief gets the papers you signed.
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