Abolish copyright.

You can charge for material things - paper, ink, packaging material, the time of the workers to prepare it. You can even charge for bandwidth, server upkeep, and electricity. But information has no material cost and therefore cannot be sold.

Exercise civil disobedience: it's your obligiation as a good citizen to be a pirate. We can negotiate again when they change the law to make copyrighted works enter the public domain within our lifetimes.

@sir this is sort of like those people who object quite reasonably to tipped labor and therefore, never tip


@LogicalDash I walk the walk. Among other things, I support many creators through LiberaPay, Patreon, GitHub Sponsors, of many kinds of works, I buy DRM free and lossless music on bandcamp for well over the asking price, I donate to many free and open source software projects, I buy merchandise and stickers knowing the margin is used to pay the bills, and I reach out to many creators directly asking how I can support them better.

Don't be so presumptious to assume I'm devoid of morals simply because I disavow copyright and encourage dissenting against a broken system. There are alternatives and I put my money where my mouth is.

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