Abolish copyright.

You can charge for material things - paper, ink, packaging material, the time of the workers to prepare it. You can even charge for bandwidth, server upkeep, and electricity. But information has no material cost and therefore cannot be sold.

Exercise civil disobedience: it's your obligiation as a good citizen to be a pirate. We can negotiate again when they change the law to make copyrighted works enter the public domain within our lifetimes.

@sir Yes, this makes total sense, because of course every copyright holder is an evil megacorporation out to deprive you of the culture you richly deserve, as opposed to an independent artist struggling to put food on the table.


@wizard why are you questioning my rejection of copyright, instead of the system which makes authors depend on copyright to get FOOD?

@sir @wizard

A society without copyright (or patents) and with universal basic income sounds pretty good to me.

@jcbrand @sir yeah that wouldn't be too bad, though the idea that artists should not get paid beyond "basic income" is pretty questionable

@wizard @sir

The idea that the monopoly of violence of the state should be used against me if I duplicate information seems pretty questionable to me.

@jcbrand @sir Oh jesus christ. So you wouldn't pay artists without the threat of "the monopoly of violence by the state."

Just fuck off.

@sir Hey, if you can abolish capitalism so artists can get paid without the copyright system, awesome, that is a great alternative

Let me know when you've got that done OK?

@wizard capitalism is not incompatible with feeding people

@wizard I'm saying that abolishing capitalism is not a prerequisite for making sure authors can make a living without copyright

@sir ok, whatever that is you are planning to do to make sure artists get paid anyway, let me know when you've got that done and I'll totally get onboard with a general abolition of copyright.

Cause there are hella problems with copyright but there is no alternative for ordinary working artists right now and copyright abolitionists don't seem to prioritize it and don't seem to acknowledge that not every copyright holder is fucking Disney

@wizard @sir

sell physical records, merch, tour, &c. streaming royalties and digital sales are still possible without copyright. it is equally possible to pirate, but this is already true. especially for media, we are de facto post copyright. law just needs to catch up with reality.

@xj9 @sir The fact that it's fairly easy to invade people's privacy doesn't mean we are "de facto beyond privacy" and penalties for stalking, doxxing, involuntary porn, etc need to be eliminated. "It's very easy to do a thing, and difficult to keep people from doing a thing" doesn't mean "that thing is OK and laws against it need to be eliminated."

@wizard @sir

i'm pointing out that piracy is easy because despite the ease artists are able to make money.

@xj9 @sir Actually selling physical records without copyright doesn't make any sense because copyright is the only thing establishing that the artist has an exclusive right to sell their digital records. Same with streaming royalties, without copyright the streaming service has no reason to pay you royalties. And digital sales: you only ever get to sell one copy, after that people can openly offer it for distribution without penalty. Same with merch. All this *requires* copyright.

@xj9 @wizard this. It literally does not require copyright to sell CDs. Yes, someone else can burn and sell the CDs, too, but you have already made the CDs and are already selling them.

@sir @xj9 OK, an artist technically has the ability to sell a CD of their (or anyone else's) work, and people can buy it from the artist (or anyone else). Great, that really helps.

Still reduces the artist to hoping their fan club is sufficiently benevolent to voluntarily support them at a sustainable level. Which, well, sometimes they are.

@xj9 @sir Copyright is desperately in need of reform. It's been distorted completely out of recognition from its original uses, by rent-seekers like Disney. (Fuck those guys)

But I haven't seen anything suggested that could replace it, by the "COPYRIGHT SUXXX0RS" crowd. Nor any suggestion that it's important to replace it before kneecapping independent artists who just want to get paid for their work.

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