Instead of caving to big media companies demanding DRM in Firefox, Mozilla should have invested in improvments to the BitTorrent ecosystem

@sir And/Or improvements to the WebRTC stack (needed by webtorrent IIRC) which is absolutely ugly because IIRC everyone is just vendoring libwebrtc from google.

@lanodan no, directly supporting BitTorrent would have made a stronger statement and incentivized big media to cave - without having to resort to using otherwise useful APIs as leverage

@sir Maybe… but reminds me that Opera (actual one with Presto) probably supported BitTorrent.
But tbh Firefox seems to have no soul to me, it's just a weird copy of chromium nowadays.

@sir you should that'd do more good than harm?

@sir as in, do you trust Mozilla to do it right?

@sir was their decision a follow-on to W3C embedding it in HTTP?

@sir Browsers open all kinds of file types and handle all kinds of protocols, right? I see no reason why when you open a magnet URL, or open a torrent link, Firefox couldn't just handle it as a file:// directory or a a HTTP directory index. And then play media files with its built-in media players.

That would be cool.

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