@sir your "Blame (worst case)" - Github result is bogus, it just says "This blame took too long to generate" forgeperf.org/results/GitHub.r

@sir I told it to you long time ago and you told me it was not a priority, but I think you should really fix the RSS feed to deliver complete articles.
@sir I just think that prior to publishing entries in a blog, you should care about the content being delivered by open standards and not only the web (that you often claim to be a mistake).

I think that you often have that kind of priorities in mind and that's part of why I donate to you every month. I like those priorities, they are healthy for the ecosystem.

I mean, it's not "my pace", it's the pace that I thought you considered correct.

And I think you shouldn't ask for a patch for a company blog as if it were for free software, by the way.

@josealberto4444 there are several hundred people who are equally passionate about their "one small thing" that they wish I would fix or add or improve or... and it really bugs me when people make it out like their itch is The Most Important, and Why Wouldn't I Fix This Right Now. The only guaranteed way to get something changed in my code whenever you want it to be is to send me a patch. The code is up there for this very purpose, and as a matter of fact it is MIT licensed.

@sir Don't take this critic in bad faith. I don't think it's the most important and that you should fix it right now. I just think that you should give more priority to that, at least to have already fixed it before writing 20 new articles. I'm not complaining for every article you write, I think I'm far from telling you that this is the most important bug in your life.

I might send a patch, it wouldn't be the first time. However, I think that fixing your company's blog is your responsibility. Mine is complain, as you complain when somebody sends their page to you with ads or analytics.

@josealberto4444 I have added a full-text RSS feed, but I did it because a second person asked, not because of your badgering. I want to be clear that your approach is not appropriate, and that I expect you not to repeat it.

You are not the only person who can perform the necessary mental gymnastics to justify how Very Seriously Important your concern is. You don't pick my priorities. I have another 46 things on my plate - I counted - and that's just today. Demanding I address your trivial problem with my blog feed before any of these is incredibly vain. You're being That Guy. Don't Be That Guy.

@sir I don't think I was being "that guy", and my goal wasn't that you fixed it right now neither today, but maybe before writing 20 new posts. You don't want to understand me? OK, that can be an end of a conversation. I think I have explained it well enough.

Also, there's no need to be rude. I don't think I deserve words like "your badgering" or "incredibly vain". I tried to be clear while not being rude, but maybe I was too curt as English is not my mother tongue. I apologize for that, it wasn't my intention.

I'm surprised you don't take into account the number of users and the ability to scale in your comparison. How will sourcehut behaves if 10000 users join every days ? (I totally agree on the virtue of simplicity but I do not think people invented k8s just to keep their job).

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