If your computer science class is using Zoom for remote learning, convince them to switch to Jitsi and spend a few sessions studying the source code to learn how video conferencing works

@sir I'd love to but I don't think my die-hard Java professor would be up for it

@sir Hm I didn't realise that. I may mention it to him on Monday

@sir the only class I have that uses Zoom is Calculus
although we just use Blackboard Collaborate for online lecture

In am ideal world, that's what we.would be using.
But it was hard enough to get these remote classes working for everyone. I'm not making a suggestion to change it now.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

@sir I found the Jitsi Meet server is pretty easy to set up for a Java application, all things considered. A lot of the setup process is still a bit manual, but I got it going on Debian Buster and working smoothly for work relatively easily, and the users adapted to it very well. Getting recording going with Jibri was a bit of a bitch, though; the instructions there are patchier, and the whole thing feels very clunky.
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