@sir can i request more contrast between the project bounding boxes and the page background, and perhaps an additional 10-15% of white background spacing between project boxes, for better visual parsing of the list? i love text-based UIs but just as ifconfig has newlines between interfaces in output, the shape of that text is critical

@sneak it looks better on the web than in the screenshot. This spacing is standard throughout sourcehut

@sir i know and i've always wanted to send you a .patch for the CSS because it makes it very hard for me to parse quickly by shape, and is one of the reasons i'm a paying customer of yours (ilu) with no repos (idontl the UI)

@sneak well, fair enough. Shoot me an email so I don't forget to look at it: sir@cmpwn.com

@sir Is there anywhere you've posted about the architecture of Sourcehut? I see every service is at a separate subdomain, are they standalone services?

@MonKaiju yes, they're standalone. I haven't done a larger write-up yet, but you can find bits and pieces all over

@sir There is something refreshing about the UI. I really hope your project is successful if for no other reason than to show how it can be done.

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