ICANN Board Withholds Consent for a Change of Control of the Public Interest Registry (PIR)

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@sir Ah, so it looks like one of those schemes where the entity being bought is then burdened with the debt from the credit being used for the purchase. That whole construct should be made illegal...

"The US$360 million debt instrument forces PIR to service that debt and provide returns to its shareholders, which raises further question about how the .ORG registrants will be protected or will benefit from this conversion."

Angelbane Na 08:30 UTC on 01 May 2020

>They only stopped this because the California Attorney General sent a letter to the Board,Chair and CEO of ICANN. ICANN itself did no real due diligence they just got caught trying to give away the cookie jar to a bunch of vultures

I see the SEEDS/Hypha initiatives in the cryptocurrency arena - still pretty speculative and thin on the ground, I know.

I see 'cooperation as a service' - again, a recent DigLife initiative, and perhaps not many coops participating yet?

I see @Graham_Mitchell with a concrete focus on regional solidarity/coop/care sector organising . .

@sir @oli

@mike_hales @bhaugen @Graham_Mitchell @oli I have no interest whatsover in your cryptocurrency bullshit, buzz off

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