I took the paywall off of the Wayland Book:

Enjoy 🎉

Just relicensed the book as CC-BY-SA as well. Here's the source:

@nergal I didn't write the book code, it's based on mdbook:

Patched to remove the google surveillance of course

@sir @nergal ...wait, are you saying there's Google surveillance in mdBook?

[...or in the book itself?]

@IceWolf @nergal the mdbook software includes google fonts with no recourse for disabling them, and has optional settings for adding more spyware (in the form of google analytics) to the generated book.

@sir @nergal ..that's good to know.

So does it include /requests to Google/ in the book, or just embed the files?


You can put Google Analytics in BOOKS??

I really hope readers don't execute JS by default...

@IceWolf @nergal it makes requests to google by default, and there's no way to turn this off. It includes google javascript as a config option.

@sir works great without javascript active bafybeido27fhf46exur4x6ynrnfyn unless I have js filter strings stored from some previous generalization? @IceWolf

@nergal @IceWolf I also patched my mdbook impl to work without JavaScript. And none of these ipfs links are working for me, by the way.

@sir here I thought they finally fixed the damned thing ... @IceWolf

@sir It may be my fault why ipfs is failing. I am using cid-version 1 instead of recommended 0. Seems is not so conformant as yet. Surprising.

@sir used to have students point out to me that we have 10 digits usually: 2 thumbs, 8 fingers ... Why is a thumb different from any other finger? @IceWolf

@sir works now. Had to convert hash to previous codec version, then make it pin by visiting the uri with old scheme used previously. It took about 10 minutes to find me! I wonder if routing could ever be simplified in ipfs? Makes no sense pinning peers across restarts. Maybe instead of pinning peers, pin content that gets advertised for peers to find? Like how everyone on MySpace had Tim for a friend? @IceWolf

@sir ohnoes! It detected the directory but not the content! I have to load the content too.

Oh, I saw code for dillo-gemini and dillo-ipfs on scuttlebutt. @IceWolf

@sir oh noes

time to block all google requests with a pi hole lol

@IceWolf I recall epub readers on android that do call home. This was when a certain program able to see connections applications made worked. I do not have an android at the moment. Do not remember the name of the app used to watch connections. Was a part of privacy monitoring on f-droid though. @sir

@nergal @sir That is good to know, thanks!

I know my Linux reader [Foliate] actually has a setting for this. I wonder what iOS's built-in one does.

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