Python sucks
GitLab sucks
Gmail sucks
Ruby sucks
AMDGPU sucks
Linux sucks
SourceHut sucks
Web browsers suck

Abridged list of things which have sucked just today alone, and it's not even lunchtime

I hate computers


My life basically rotates between being depressed about computers computers and angry about computers. The former makes me roll up in a ball and give up, the latter makes me write thousands of lines of code out of pure spite

I have addressed the immediate problems which are in my control, so now I'm going to go back to crying under my bed and awaiting the sweet release of death to free me from the burden of understanding how fucked computers are

@sir then we shall endeavour to upset you, as your anger code is our only hope.

@sir It would all be great, and I would perfectly accept this if it wasn't for the fact that it's so obvious how broken things are and there are solutions that could be applied, but industry utterly refuses to do so.

The reason is for the most part a combination of ignorance among people that there are better ways to solve problems and people intentionally making things worse because it's profitable.

@sir When people ask me which brand of computer to buy, I tell them my rankings are based on which ones make me the least angry.

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