@sir I like the blog post, but this fedi post of yours kinda reminds me of some company's open-washing campaign. Can't remember which one tho...

Either way, I don't think Plan9-washing is something we need to worry about :D

@wolf480pl ah, but you see, sourcehut is /actually/ open

@sir but is not /actually/ Plan 9.

Would sr.ht even run on Plan 9?

@wolf480pl no, but it's not actually BSD either, and they still seem to be thankful for sr.ht support. SourceHut today mostly won't run on Plan 9 but I bet a port would become feasible within a year or two if development proceeds according to current plans

@wolf480pl oh, and you can use sr.ht effectively from a Plan 9 system, the web app is mostly compatible with Mothra and you can use emails for patches and git9 for git.sr.ht and so on.


I wasn't trying to imply that builds.sr.ht supporting Plan9 is anything bad.

My point is that it's funny how you used the $company <3 $coolConcept format.

I wish I remembered which company used that before...

@sir oh, it was Discord.

And I think in theory, discord being used by open-source project isn't much different than sr.ht being used by Plan9 developers.
Of course, using a non-open-source solution for the developement of open-source code can have much worse consequences than using a non-Plan9 open-source forge for developing Plan9.

@vpzom that too, but also "Discord <3 Open Source"

@sir another step closer to the year of the Plan 9 desktop

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