If you have an interesting hobby, please make videos about it and publish them on PeerTube

If you need help with PeerTube hosting and video equipment then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help you out

@sir I want to start a peertube instance, self-hosted if possible for a few people to connect at a time. I don't have a clue about what material to use. I would gladly welcome your help

@derle I recommend a Linode with 2 or 4 CPUs, and a growable volume attached for video storage

@sir I don't want to host in the united state or in a united state company ( or anyone outside of Europe)

@derle @sir is hosted in Germany, you can see the tech behind it here:

@sir I was happy when you posted livestreams on PeerTube.

Then I could not watch any videos , it would load infinitely. Any idea?

@sir I was thinking of doing this when the webcam prices come back down to earth.

@sir i just reupload my fav songs from youtube on my peertube channel. i don't have any other hobbies 😩

@e up to interpretation. Convince me your idea is interesting in your application

@sir is my life an interesting hobby :blobcatthinking: i like aquariums, will start a d&d campaign with friends on roll20 (in french sry) and started experimenting with c# ddd tdd code for french tarot :blobbowing:

But not sure i want anyone on the web to see my face, my house or my friends?

@lefarfadet @sir Not sure whether or how it would work for you, but one of the channels I often watch on youtube (yeah, I know...) only shows the hands, voice and work bench of the author (and whatever cheap electronics is being dismantled with assorted measure instruments), and they seem to work quite fine with limited privacy exposure.

@sir I have here two short videos about cars and small technical upgrades (tuning). Also these interventions should slightly improve car emissions:
The technical stuff will be interesting for people owning Fords with petrol engines (not in USA because of the market differences). I could prepare some more detailed description with valuable information about the subject. If someone is interested in, please contact me.

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