@sir I like this idea. I followed your PeerTube instance with mine.
@mewmew can i use your tube to publish video? i'm going to start doing a thing while i look for new contracting opportunities.
@xj9 sure! I'll make you an account manually, dm me your email, preferred username, and temp password.
@sir just to confirm - does the CC requirement include CC0?

@toast I am not inclined to agree to that, basically because I don't want the videos just rehosted on YouTube as soon as they're uploaded.

@Framasoft le bricoleur professionnel @sir alloue un fond de $5000 pour encourager la création de contenu pour @peertube

@sir I don't qualify for this, but is there a way I could kick in like $10 to the pool?

@ben sure, send it to drewdevault.com/donate and leave a comment that it's for the peertube fund

@sir @ben

Kicked in $20 as well. Excited to see what content we get.

@sir thats a super idea.opensource communities have a host of high skilled people who could make diy's guide and variety of other skills.i support you all the way

@sir if you record gameplay, can you publish it under CC?

If so, I'm in! But I won't apply for the funds, someone else could use it better to start their project.

@yarmo I think it depends on the game, but generally yes

@yarmo @sir pretty cool idea :) i'd totally be up for it if my anxiety didn't keep me from writing an application e-mail ahahaha >.<

@sir with @yarmo's help i think i can come up with something :)

What a great idea and contribution. I hope many new creators take advantage of this... Thank you @sir

@sir how does this work with regards to streaming? The way I interpreted the "peertube exclusivity" clause is that any platform can be used when streaming, but for the publishing/archival of said streams, one should use PeerTube. Is this correct?

@yarmo we're not interested in hosting stream archives, but we won't prohibit you from uploading content to PeerTube and streaming somewhere else separately.

@sir gotcha, makes perfect sense! So original content based on what happened during streams is fine then, as long as the uploaded content is specifically created for PeerTube.

Not trying to be nitpicky or annoying, sorry 😅 just trying to define the boundaries of the playing field!

@yarmo @sir also what about if i had the streaming elsewhere (twitch) and used peertube for new content sometimes based on the streams (with parts of content from the streams, but edited, etc)?

@olivia @yarmo not really looking for that. You can stream separately but should be uploading original content to PeerTube.

@sir First of all this is awesome! I am applying together with my partner and we have written an application, but it has come out at around 1k words and we wanted to ask whether that length is okay. Also, is there any sort of deadline? Thanks for your effort! 😊

@unicorn there's no deadline so long as you get in before the budget is spent

Actually where I am working we are using more and more #Peertube for the records of our trainings:


Recently we did some recorded trainings with #BigBlueButton (due to COVID...). And the records are also available on Peertube.

So it is mainly about the MISP project.

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