What is your favorite ingredient, and why is it garlic?

@sir I can never remember which is which between garlic and onion
@ivesen @sir garlic is obstinant and has to be beaten with small hammers to be good in your foods. onion obeys the :blobcatknife: but punishes your eyeballs while you do it. :blobcatscience:

@sir it's actually tumeric. Only looks like garlic.

@mcread @sir does turmeric already pay homage to garlic with -ic ending?

@nergal @sir I was assuming that that was a male american turd

@sir what is your favourite programming language, and why is it C++?

@sir because you can always carry some garlic in your shirt pocket , never an onion ...

@sir Because garlic is awesome and goes well with literally everything?

@sir because it is perfectly acceptable to double, or triple the amount in a recipe.

@sir because it makes the chili pepper taste so much better!

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