Please remit your RSS reader recommedations, for I am routinely lamented when ruminating on the reprehensible relegation of RSS to obscurity by the rude remarks of the regime of the modern web.

(Not a joke, please tell me about your favorite RSS reader)

@sir newsboat connected to my Nextcloud instance.

@sir can also send articles from newsboat to pinboard which is pretty neat

@sir I'm happy with Liferea, though I haven't explored to far and can imagine an interface I'd like better.

I do almost all of my feed reading on mobile (usually while on public transit) and I've been using Feeder from f-droid. It supports opml export/import and is just a simple interface, no crazy features or anything. I'm sure there's cooler mobile options out there but it just works.

@Cambria @sir only issue i have with Feeder is that it takes a lot of data, so i can't really use it on the mobile network (the family cap is uhhh 6 GB i think) during a commute, right when it'd be a useful thing (like you can) :epic:

@saga @sir

I've never noticed that, but I'll keep an eye on it. You know, when I commute again haha. My data usage is basically nonexistent right now. I also don't follow a large number of feeds and I clear it every day when I'm done so it might not do well with heavier usage.

@sir I love Reeder 4 on iOS, for desktop use Liferea is the best I've found so far.

@sir I'm partial to Newsboat.

My favourite feature is the macros with which I can, for example, open an entry in mpv with `,m` if it links directly to media, or `,f` in Firefox if viewing it in Lynx won't cut it.

Uses a TUI so it's also easy to get it to work with vim kebinds.

@sir newsboat, with full-text-rss running behind it so I can read full-text feeds in the console

Tt-rss, perfect for syncing between devices, and packaged for debian, so quite easy to install

@sir I couldn't find anything lightweight enough so I wrote my own in ~250 lines of POSIX shell

@lattis @sir I love any software written in POSIX sh.

I'll give it a try. Is w3m a mandatory requirement?
@sir I use rawdog; basically just set up a cronjob and it generates a page of static HTML with everything new it's fetched added periodically and set it as my homepage
@sir I used TT-RSS for a while but I recently changed to Miniflux. Selfhosted.

@sir I'm very fond of NewsBlur. Not OSS, but they have been kind to me and took on the load after Google Reader gave up fairly well.

@dmoonfire @sir Newsblur is FLOSS, you can host it yourself - I use the hosted version, however

@ben @sir I did not know that. Awesome. I'm a x2 premium subscriber (work appropriate and non-work appropriate like comics) for them since the Google Readers days (I have a tendency to gravitate toward smaller projects in an ecosystem).

@sir your mail reader has pretty much all the features you'd want in an rss reader, which is why I'm an rss2email user


(I might've mentioned this previously, but anyway...)


But then for the actual UI I put (on the same host serving tt-rss) FeedMonkey:

but I've modernised the JS, added collapsed article grouping and a dark theme:

@sir on mobile, i like escapepod from f-droid. Very simple, barebone rss reader. No library, no bullshit. It only reads the last five entries of each rss flow, i'm fine with this.

@sir bazqux. Not FOSS, but it's the best I've ever used.

@sir I actually use a service called blogtrottr which takes RSS feeds and sends them via email to an account of your choosing. I moved my email to another provider and turned gmail into google reader. That's pretty much all I use gmail for now.

@sir Another newsboat user, though I'm a bit mixed on it.

rsstail / multitail is pretty slick, pairs well with the phosphor x11screensaver or xrootconsole.

Feedly on Android; it doesn't suck too much, though it's pretty meh.

Tiny Tiny RSS. I can install it on the cheapest, PHP-only webhost, there are mobile clients, interface is nice. Installation and upgrade could have been easier, though.

@sir QuiteRSS - a classical GUI reader that does at least as much as I want. Not suckless but also not Gnome.

@sir I like liferea. Painfully simple and boring, just how I like it!

@sir rss2email + mutt + I usually skim the first paragraph or so and if I decide to read the article/page/post I tend to open it in a browser so that I can see images etc.

@sir I have used both TTRSS and Fresh RSS but I didn't like them. I have now switched to miniflux, which works perfectly. Love it.

@sir I use my own weirdo #screenless office to print out my RSS feeds each morning, like a newspaper. There are barcodes next to the summaries so I can print the full article, looking like a scientific paper. (and links are converted to footnotes with more barcodes)

@KnowPresent wow, this is actually a thing I wanted to make myself at home to be able to read new article like on a newspaper!


@sir I use TT-RSS. I have to try again FreshRSS, but so far so good with TTRSS.

@sir I wouldn't call them the best by far but I'm using Thunderbird and KDE's Akregator.

@sir I've used FeedDemon for years. It's fine. Does everything I need and nothing I don't

@sir I use (and pay for) #feedbin and it's very nice indeed.

Works on pretty much everything, has third party app support, and an email address so you can receive Mailing Lists directly to your RSS reader instead of your email inbox.

Nice #rss reader done good.

@sir Elfeed. And I have ~10k feeds with complex filters in it.

@sir I host a Miniflux instance just for myself.
@neon @sir now i'm tempted to write a cli client for miniflux thank you jens
@sir Would you ever add RSS support to aerc, or is it deserving of its own program? I hear gnus for emacs does both email and RSS, and I can easily imagine RSS being another tab in aerc.
As for my answer to the thread topic, I actually don't like any RSS reader enough to bother mentioning a specific one. I've used a few here and there, but usually I stop checking them after a while.

@brad no, I want to focus on email. Check out rss2email though

@sir I've been using QuiteRSS for quite some time now after switching to it from Liferea. I feel like it's easier to manage my subscriptions, though apparently automatic refreshes don't always work perfectly (could just be my internet connection, though).

@sir I like Flym on android, but if you need syncing TT-RSS and liferea are my goto. Flym is nice and it just works though. Plus FOSS and available on f-droid

@sir @alcinnz
@neauoire @drisc @Lofenyy @mezzodrinker I'm using Liferea, but its SQLite database file is around 2GB (1000 items per feed if I'm not mistaken). On old hardware some interactions are annoyingly noticeable (selecting a folder with many feeds for example).
QuiteRSS seems to handle better the list with many feeds. Also it has a better reporting for the feeds with problems - somewhere there is a nice window with details.

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