Windows 95 was 30MB, or about 4 full reloads of the Mastodon home page.

@sir Because it had to be. Not only because of the RAM and CPU limitations of the time, but it had to run everywhere for as many people as possible.

Most companies and devs now just target the latest machines and browsers with fast/unlimited bandwidth.

Constraints demand creativity. Maybe an economic downturn will force some efficiency in the software world again.

@middlepath the requirements for targetting "as many people as possible" haven't changed - devs just stopped giving a shit about a lot of them.

@sir @middlepath
You can still have software that's fast and relatively light - if you use command line tools the requirements to run them have not gone exponentially worse over time. But yeah, everything else has.

@boilingsteam @sir @middlepath funny thing is when Windows 95 came out I remember people complaining about the increased requirements and how they had to upgrade their PCs to run it.

There was even a song. This video clip is relatively modern, but the song is from the time, making fun of the song Start It Up as used by Microsoft for the Windows 95 campaign:

(the words get filthy by the end btw :blobcatsurprised: )

@middlepath @sir

KaiOS is an adaptation of Firefox OS to very low end (no touch screen) phones. Here's my shopping list web app (sync, real-time update across all users) without tuning, on a $25 device. The flexbox layout system is amazing.

@sir in the early 2000s I ran Windows 98 on a laptop that had a 3GB hard drive. You'd need at least 5 drives that size just for a base install of Windows10. In contrast, @trisquel GNU/Linux base installs have grown a bit over the decade or so I've been using it as a daily driver, but nowhere near that level of exponential growth.

@sir I'm pretty proud of:

which is an archive player, updated in real time, with metadata. Looks like it weighs in at about 20k (nothing even minimized).

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