Interesting read. I've only just recently dipped my toes into the local delivery market, and it's been a hit-and-miss. When we order from places clearly set up for deliveries, it's been pretty good. However, ordering dine-in dishes from places clearly not expecting their food to marinate for 20 minutes in the car was understandably very much a "miss" (soggy veggie burgers are the worst).

@monsieuricon @sir I feel like Chinese and pizza handle car rides well. Burgers and fries always disappoint haha

@sir *sigh* I am not surprised by any of this. These services always seemed sketchy to me just based off of how much their delivery people make. This just takes the cake.

Sounds like they should use their unique online menu layout to provide huge arbitrage on bottled drinks and send a few bottles on a merry-go-round.


It's tiresome just wanting to call a place 10 blocks away and being steered through Yelp and the like. I fucking hate Yelp, and I'm perfectly happy to go pick up my own food most of the time. Yet, few local restaurants seem to have their own websites these days. Or else search engines won't bring those up. Lately I've been going through FB, which I also hate and don't even have an account with.

Screw saving the forests. Just bring back phone books. 🙄

@xenophora @sir Ironically phonebooks would be more environmentally friendly too. It's a lose-lose situation the way things are 😅

@sir Surely it's arbitrage on either end. The people running Doordash don't care that the business model loses money, as long as they can keep enough revenue flowing to cut themselves a paycheck.

On one hand you're torturing the people who need the delivery job to stay afloat, on the other you're stealing from the rich investors and giving to the restaurants.

@sir We seem to have arrived in a time where the magic of the free market economy is being glorofied and worshipped more than ever, but it is becoming more and more dysfunctional, to the point of clearly refuting its own premises.

Countless companies just survive on investors believing that someday they'll make a profit, or on being repeatedly bailed out by taxpayer money for reasons that I will never fully understand. I hope that grassroots community efforts will simply outlive them.

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